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Almost 30 - Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 296, 6th February 2020
Ep. 296 - The Life Edit with Krista
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Ep. 296 - The Life Edit with Krista


With the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, K + L contemplate how it’s allowed men to feel, and outwardly show their emotions. They talk about ways in which men create sentimental moments compared to women, and how they relate to the world. The ladies also talk about dynamics in relationships, group chats, and Krista’s wedding season.

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Are you looking to let go and create space in your life? Today, Krista takes us through her process for her total life edit! K shares how she wanted to lay a new foundation for 2020 by being thoughtful about her environment and seeing the truth of every aspect of her life. She looks at technology, her online presence, and finances, sharing resources for email cleanup along with apps for money management. K gets into the nitty gritty of clearing her apartment, from her pantry, kitchen, supplements, makeup, clothes, and car. It’s more than just a physical clear-out—she also explores her mental health process, her decision to start therapy, and relationships. Join K in unpacking the details of your life to allow for an expansive future!


She also talks about:

  • K’s decision for a solo holiday
  • Feeling low + off moments
  • Being private with your information
  • Your online presence
  • Stocks, investments + retirement accounts
  • K’s relationship with weight + health
  • Adding in movement + releasing stagnant energy


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