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The Roseland Podcast- hello and call for content
Episode 121st March 2020 • Roseland Podcast • Roseland Podcast
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Over the last week, I’ve been trying to think of a way I can help people during these interesting times. (yes, I mean corvid 19).

Last night I had the genius idea of creating a super-local podcast, that just covers stuff going on on the Roseland. Well, stuff not going on would be a little more accurate!

This first episode is a call-out to find out what you’d like to me to share and find some people I can interview.

So, who am I, and why me to do this? Well, my name’s Chloe Thomas I grew up on the Roseland, and about 5 years ago I moved back. I live here full time working from home as a podcast host and author. My usual subject matter is eCommerce and digital marketing - so this is going to be a little bit of leap into the dark for me, but I’m hoping it’ll work!!

I don’t think this podcast should be a news channel - we’ve all got plenty of places we can access medical and political opinion, and there’s the Roseland Online website too. Plus, it’s hard to do a podcast in real-time - so any news updates would inevitably be old news by the time I got them live.

Rather an at-least weekly audio show where I chat to one or two people of the peninsula and provide updates on useful information. I’m thinking the following topics - but I’m open to ideas:

  • Services updates - takeaways, food deliveries, shop openings
  • Help updates - I know Roseland Surgery Patients Group are busy with this - anyone else let me know
  • Art, Culture, History - we’ve got lots of clever and interesting people here on the Roseland - who has a story to tell? Old Cornwall got any projects worth sharing? Any of our local authors fancy having a chat about your latest book?
  • Education - any tutors fancy giving some tips on homeschooling?
  • Religion - a lot of people will be missing their regular church and chapel services maybe we can do something to help here?
  • Sport - in normal times I’d suggest updates from the local sports clubs.. .but not really sure how to include sport! 
  • Nature and farming - spring is all around us - anyone want to come on and talk about it?
  • Music - got to be careful with copyright but there might be a way to add some

I can’t get out and about to find great content - so I’m relying on you to let me know if you’ve got something to share, or if you know of someone who I should be in contact with.

Do all of that via

Technically I’ve got all the software to record and edit shows - so as a guest you can either phone in or log in to the recording online. 

Everything is recorded in advance - so we can edit lots!

I can also add things you record yourself to the show - just send me an MP3 file. 

I hope this will help us all feel a little less alone, and a little bit more aware of how our community is pulling together.

Contact me via


I spend a lot of my working life connecting with people via video chat systems - and in the last week, 3 groups I’m involved with have already moved online. 

I’m sure a lot of committees, groups, organisations, and families are trying to work out how to do it - so my top tip would be to use Zoom.

It’s works on everything (mobile, tablet, desktop) although the first time you use it you do have to download a little software.

People can also phone-in to a meeting - so if the online tech isn’t playing ball you can still connect.

With a free account, you can host unlimited one to one calls, and also group meetings for up to 40minutes (at 40 minutes you can always start another group meeting for free).

But with the paid account being only $14.99 a month and giving you group meetings that last up to 24 hours it’s often not worth faffing around with the free option.

How you use it is… as the host you login in and set up a meeting, then you send the link for the meeting to everyone you want to join.

At the right time they all just click the link and follow the instructions - the first time they do it they may have to download a file and create a login. So it might be worth having a test call before your first official call.

Oh, and the delegates in the meeting don’t have to be on video, they can just be voices.

If you create any new groups that you’d like to spread the word about just let me know.


I hope to be bringing you the first proper episode next weekend - 28th/29th March.

If you’ve got ideas for the show contact me on

If you want to make sure you hear the rest of the shows then bookmark, and look for us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your usual podcast app and subscribe. 

As soon as I upload this episode I’ll be submitting to all of them so hopefully, the show will be on all of them by the time episode 2 goes live.

Be kind and stay safe.




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