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How to Position Your Holistic Business to Find Clients
Episode 646th May 2021 • Holistic Business Matters • Helen Harding
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Positioning is one of those phrases that gets banded around but, what does it actually mean?

In its simplest terms, positioning is how you and your brand sits in the mind of your favourite client. It determines how you connect with them and the services you offer. It decides where you appear in relation to your competitors, and how you distinguish yourself from them.

How you position yourself can be responsible for how you build your brand and the strategies you use to connect with prospective clients. It will determine your services and how they are packaged, how much you charge and ultimately will affect how successful your business will be.

  • (02:32) Positioning and branding
  • (03:47) Where are you now?
  • (05:26) Who are your clients?
  • (06:41) Packages and pricing
  • (08:18) Marketing message
  • (10:02) Focus your marketing efforts
  • (10:50) Next steps

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