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The Thriving Artist - The Clark Hulings Fund 23rd October 2015
Funding the Well Defined Art Project

Funding the Well Defined Art Project

Tim Kennedy is a representational painter who works to present still lifes, figures, and landscapes with immediacy and intimacy. He is also Senior Lecturer at Indiana University Bloomington and was a 2014 winner of the Clark Hulings Fund Grant. He was born in Buffalo, NY and did his MFA at Brooklyn College CUNY. Articles on his paintings have appeared in American Artist and Watercolor magazines. Tim helps us understand....

Topics include:

  • The Role of Project Funding in Boosting an Art Career
  • Creating a Well Defined Project Proposal for a Grant Application
  • Being a Visual Artist in a Photographic World (e.g. Instagram)
  • Coops and Other Gallery Relationships
  • The Challenges of Large Pieces
  • Insider Keys to an Effective Grant Proposal

Listen now, or download and take this 42min episode with you on your phone or mobile device. Tim's website is timkennedypaintings.com.

You can also see the video on challenges of "working large".

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