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Let's Talk Tribe & Friendships!
Episode 609th October 2022 • Butterfly Kisses • Amy Gray-Cunningham
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Coach Lee Hopkins, a transgender man, tells the story of his transformational journey from hiding his true self to becoming a coach and teaching others how to make friends. He shares solutions to find the connection, friendship, and community you desire.

" The most important thing is to be yourself and to know that that's enough."—Coach Lee

Coach Lee Hopkins is a transformational coach who helps people make friends and connect with others. He transitioned from female to male at age 32 and thought that would make him feel comfortable enough to make friends-being his authentic self. But he felt even more alone after transitioning. He eventually learned that he first had to own who he was-his authentic self before he could make intimate connections with other people. 

This is Coach Lee Hopkins's story—

Coach Lee Hopkins has had a transformational journey, from being disconnected from people to coaching others on how to make friends. He realized that he was hiding from others, preventing him from making connections. He has since learned to accept himself and share his story with others to create meaningful relationships. He offers a free 5-Day Challenge that helps you how to make meaningful connections by identifying your history, hobbies, and habits

In this episode, you will learn: 

  1. How Coach Lee Hopkins transitioned from female to male later in life and the challenges he faced in doing so 
  2. How Coach Lee dealt with rejection after coming out as transgender to friends and family, and what he learned from the experiences 
  3. The steps to take to find the connection, friendships, and community you desire.

Links for Coach Lee:


TikTok: @PatternsofPossibility

Instagram: @PatternsofPossibilty

Youtube: @PatternsofPossibility

Twitter: @PatternsofPossi

Podcast: Patterns of Possibility

Free Course: Understanding Connections

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