Season 10 Finale: New Methods and Major Choices in Business and Law
Episode 1222nd December 2023 • Blackletter • Thomas Dunlap
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On season 10 of The Blackletter Podcast, host Tom Dunlap was joined by a range of fascinating guests to demystify business and law. Each guest brought their personal experiences and professional expertise to the table as they discussed the complex facets surrounding business and law.

On this episode, listeners get to revisit some of the noteworthy subjects covered throughout the season's conversations. Tune in to this episode to hear profound insights on law and business from some of the top professionals in the game!

Introducing Innovation and Transformation

  • Episode 8 (Tracy Pilone - Element 84's Open Science and Open Data): In episode 8, guest speaker and business leader Tracy Pilone reveals how her company, Element 84, leverages innovative strategies in satellite data, allowing for transformative business practices.
  • Episode 10 (Aleco Bravo-Greenberg - Transforming a Breeding Farm): Business owner Aleco Bravo Greenberg shares a story that illustrates a unique business transformation and shows a unique aspect of innovative decision-making.

Strategic Shifts and Decisions

  • Episode 2 (Anthony Brown - Transition to Patent Monetization): This revealing episode focused on guest speaker Anthony Brown's career shift and highlighted the personal aspect of transformative decisions in the realm of intellectual property.
  • Episode 1 (Jennifer Morris - Compliance and Cybersecurity in Government Contracts): Cybersecurity law expert Jennifer Morris shares her approach to complex regulatory environments in government contracts and emphasizes strategic innovation in a highly specialized field.

Personal Journeys and Professional Transformations

  • Episode 5 (Dubs Herschlip - Personal Experience with Estate Planning): This segment adds a personal touch to the theme of season 10, as guest Dubs Herschlip shares his story and shows how personal experiences can lead to professional transformation.
  • Episode 11 (Aleco Bravo Greenberg - Entrepreneurial Journey): Revisiting episode 11, Aleco shares how his entrepreneurial experiences offered lessons about the importance of innovative strategies and transformative decisions for starting and growing a business.

Practical Applications and Strategic Advice

  • Episode 6 (Dubs Herschlip - Estate Planning Decision-Making): Tom and Dubs Herschlip share an enlightening conversation focused on practical applications of innovative strategies in estate planning, and Dubs offers viewers valuable advice.
  • Episode 4 (Anthony Brown - Patent Homework and Understanding): Concluding the episode, this segment from season 10, episode 4 circles highlights the importance of informed decision-making in intellectual property.

The Blackletter Podcast will be returning in 2024 with Season 11. Until then, you can check out season 10's episodes available online at

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