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The 6wk Postpartum Appt is Bullsh!t
Episode 3730th May 2022 • Sterling Parents Private Podcast • Christine Sterling, M.D.
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In this episode, Dr. Sterling lets loose with a rant about why she hates the 6 week postpartum appointment. If you've been following her on instagram (@drsterlingobgyn), you've heard an impassioned discussion or two about the care people receive in postpartum. As she navigates her own postpartum journey, she's been thinking a lot about the lack of postpartum care and what drove her to leave her practice and start At a time when people need the most support, why does the medical system go silent? Tune in to hear why the 6 week appointment is bullish!t and ways we can fight for change.

Host: Dr. Christine Sterling, Board Certified ObGyn & Founder of Sterling Parents Membership


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