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Episode 1227th April 2022 • Advice For Lovers Podcast • Jennie Drew
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“He/she is being too sensitive.”

What is too sensitive? Who's the judge? Well, you are. The statement that someone is too sensitive is a relative one, meaning everyone is going to have a different idea about what too much is.

In this episode, Jennie and drew talk about the ups and downs of being and being with, a sensitive person. When traveling down the relationship dating highway, you'll need to ask yourself several questions. One being

1. where are you emotionally?

2. What habits and patterns do you have?

3. What are your dominant emotions and feelings?

4. Do you plan on being objective when merging your patterns with another?

Asking and being honest with yourself about the answers, is considered being emotionally intelligent.

We also talk about boundaries and how we’re often not taught about them. We discuss how important it is to set them and keep them and how they can bring in a lot of functionality to our relationships.

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