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185: The Character Test
Episode 18518th July 2023 • Purpose Through Pain • Joseph James
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God commanded us to love one another as Christ has loved you. This is not only a model of leadership but also a test of our own character.

In this episode:

• Joseph emphasizes the significance of understanding how we influence people and the responsibility that comes with it.

• Joseph delves into the dynamics of relationships, including romantic partnerships, friendships, and even our relationship with ourselves. He shares personal insights on conflict resolution, maturity, and the power of love in transforming lives.

• He encourages listeners to embrace the commandment of loving one another, drawing inspiration from the model of Jesus' leadership and his relationship with his followers.

• Joseph explores the transformative power of love, forgiveness, and personal growth in the context of relationships and influence.

Key Takeaways:

1. Influence and upbringing shape our choices.

2. Self-perception affects relationships.

3. Leadership style and influence.

4. The importance of genuine influence.

5. Winning in relationships.

6. Changing oneself and others through love.

7. Responding with love and maturity.

Tweetable Moments:

1. "We are nurturing our relationships with the people, and Jesus has called us to love one another."

2. "When you are going through tough times, you know who you can count on. You also get to know and truly understand who shares the same beliefs as you do."

3. "We are born into a world of selfishness; that's how we come into it."

4. "Immature people interpret every interaction based on what is in it."

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Joseph: All right, fellas, let's get it kicked off, guys. Been a busy week this past week, been working on a lot of content, and if you guys don't know we have a cool little virtual event coming up this Wednesday, but, we'll, or not Wednesday, Thursday, but we'll talk about here that in a little bit.

Let's just dive right into prayer, guys.

Lord, we just thank you for this amazing day that you've given us, and I thank you for this opportunity to be able to come together, and share with these men. I thank you for the fact that they look at me as somebody that as a role model, as a mentor, as a coach lord, or just somebody that they can look up to and gather advice from. Father, I ask that you just continue to use me during those situations and work with these men and coach these men and those that are listening to the recordings that just can't make the calls. Father God, we thank you for them. Lord, I ask you, you'll just continue to set us apart for who you've called us to be. Continue to work in us, continue to lead us, and strengthen us, and guide us each and every day. Lord, give us an amazing night tonight. Let us just be able to learn something more from you. God, in Jesus name, Amen.

, it isn't. So this is Romans:

Michael: It's pretty good.

Zack: Yeah, I like it.

Joseph: Guys, listen man, I'm the first one to tell you it's hard sometimes, it's truly hard sometimes to love people when they're taking advantage of us, right? It's hard to love people when they've done nothing but talk down to us, it's hard to love people when they have. Let's say put us down talked about us treated us ugly, didn't love us in the first place, right? Took advantage of us, broken our trust, broken integrity broken or shown us their character, and I truly believe the reason why God commanded us to love is because he knew it was gonna be hard, can you love the individual that ran the red light and killed your brother or sister? Can you love the individual that stole from you when you needed every bit of that money? Can you love the individual that you know, talked down on you so much that it affected the way you look and see yourself? Can you love those people? And there's no doubt that both of you have been through situations in life, that you've had some hard things happen that you're like, man, I just don't know if I can love that individual. They treated me so wrong. Here's the thing, man, I'm gonna tell y'all straight up, you're entitled to act to think that way. But we're commanded to act in love, we're entitled to respond ugly, we're entitled to do all those things that we want to do, but we're commanded to respond in love, we're commanded to love one another. And I'm not gonna lie, I remember the day that I went and told my dad that I forgave him, and this is years of physical and verbal abuse, not only to myself, but to my siblings, to my mom. And my dad rocked back in a chair and he said, son, I didn't know I was doing anything wrong, and in my mind I'm like, how in God's name did you not know that physical abuse was wrong? Yes, and I remember immediately leaving where we were at, and I went and told a friend that was the same age of him, and he's son. He says, Joseph, he says, you have to put yourself in your dad's shoes. How was he influenced? How was he taught how to raise kids? How was he taught to how the model of a wife? Okay, and I look back at it, and of course that allowed me to see him in a whole different light. It didn't make what he did right. But what it did is it changed my perception of what I thought he should have been doing, which allowed me to come to a place of forgiveness a lot faster. Because at the end of the day, when it comes to forgiveness, and this is a whole another subject, but when it comes to forgiveness, we're not just forgiving people. We're forgiving ourselves when we go to people, and this is the thing that I learned so much about when I went up to my dad that day, when I went up to him for, to ask for forgiveness, I was expecting a response from him, a certain response, and when I didn't get it, I was more hurt, what I should have been doing is just expecting the fact that you may say nothing, but I am walking in telling you that I forgive you. Not for him, but for me. So I can let go of the chains and bondages and all the hurt and sorrow and the things that have held me back because of me holding on for so long, and that's ultimately what God has called us to do by commanding us to love one another. So that's it for tonight, fellas. That's all I got.




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