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The BCLionsDen Pawdcast - Brian Wawryshyn EPISODE 141, 20th September 2019
Episode 141: Michaela Schreiter & Rod Villagomez
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Episode 141: Michaela Schreiter & Rod Villagomez

Michaela Schreiter of the Mouchoir Podcast and Rod Villagomez join the show ahead of Saturday's rematch against the Redblacks in Ottawa.

Three podcasts, two losing teams, what could be more exciting than that?

We have a win to talk about! The Lions finally won at home and did so in convincing fashion over the Redblacks. All three phases of the game were solid as the Lions roared to a 29-5 victory over the spiralling Redblacks.

Can they make it two in a row this week? Lot's of Lions and Redblacks discussion.

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