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Why talking about pregnancy loss at work matters
Episode 1518th April 2023 • The F Word at Work • Fertility Matters at Work
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Well, we made it through our first series of The F Word at Work and we can't thank you enough for listening. We'd love to hear your throughts so if you're listening to this in Apple or Spotify, please do take the time to follow this podcast and also leave us a review. We'll be back in June with Series 2, talking about the new surrogacy reform bill, as well as sharing more wise words from our members about the work they're doing and thought leadership on Mental Health at Work, make sure you've subscribed. This episode is the perfect finale to our series, a conversation with one of our trainers Katy Schnitzler, founder of Mist about her research and training around pregnancy loss and childlessness.

**Trigger warning as we talk about pregnancy loss in this episode **

This is another taboo topic within the workplace, that needs to be better understood and supported and we know you will learn a lot from what she shares.

What was discussed:

  • Research into pregnancy loss
  • How Katy set up a consultancy to share her research 
  • How employers need training alongside policy
  • How shocking some of the insensitive reactions were from line managers
  • The comments that people say in general about pregnancy loss
  • People are unsure of how to react to pregnancy loss - due to the taboo 
  • Communication training is well received - helping people what to say
  • Not assumption forming - that everyone experiences pregnancy in the same way
  • If there isn’t a policy it implies you can’t speak about pregnancy loss 
  • How PTSD affects someone who has experiences pregnancy loss, panic attacks 
  • 1 in 6 people women show symptoms of PTSD as a result of pregnancy loss 
  • How men feel overlooked - therefore the training covers the impact on partners as they are ignored 
  • The language used for those around those who don’t have children
  • How someone was told they didn’t get the job as the person who did had ‘more supervision’ as they’re a parent
  • How working from home requests have been designed as people don’t have children 

We refer to an episode of The Fertility Podcast, which is an interview with Dr Jessica Farren about her research which you can listen to here podcast link 

We also talk about Jody Day and I've shared another episode from The Fertility Podcast here which is Jody talking about why we need to talk about childless women differently. Have a listen.

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