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How to hire the best VIRTUAL ASSISTANT for you with Micala Quinn
Episode 1418th January 2022 • The Dreamer's Manual • Julie Calcote
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Ready to find an amazing VA in the New Year? Or maybe you’re feeling not-so-ready, but you want to be? I always say hire before you’re ready, and my guest Micala Quinn will help get you there by helping you frame out the right questions to ask, and give support in taking that next step with confidence.

This episode has the potential to be a game-changer for a lot of listeners. Micala is the go-to pro for freelancing moms who are looking to take control of the narrative behind the way we work. She helps develop female entrepreneurs to take full control of their businesses, their freedom, and their overall satisfaction when it comes to balancing life, work, motherhood, and more. She has changed so many lives, including my own, with her podcast, course, resources, and support. I know you’re going to love this episode.

Micala coaches women looking to lead and launch successful sustainable freelance businesses. To date, more than 1800 women across the country and world have enrolled in her Overwhelmed to Overbooked course which has just gone through some amazing updates for the new year becoming the Live Free Academy. In late 2018, Micala launched the Live Free podcast to spread her freelancing method and mission throughout the world. A fixture in iTunes top 20 For entrepreneur podcasts, it has surpassed 160,000 downloads.

Make sure to connect with her via the links below to get access to her amazing resources.

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