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S5 EP144: Mia Savage: Conception after Morning-After Pill + Homebirth/Successful ECV/En Caul
Episode 14412th March 2024 • Positive Birth Australia • Skye Waters
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Today’s episode features Mia, a jewellery creator and first-time mother, sharing her unexpected journey to motherhood. When Mia met her partner, they both agreed that they weren't ready to have children at that time. However, six years later, Mia began to feel a deep longing to become a mother. She sensed the spirit of a little girl around her and knew that a daughter was waiting to be conceived.

After a spontaneous night of intimacy without contraception, and a difficult discussion about their readiness for children, Mia took the morning-after pill. Living a holistic lifestyle, she initially attributed her oncoming symptoms to ingesting something foreign. However, when her cycle didn't arrive on the full moon as predicted, she decided to take a pregnancy test. The surprise of a positive result stirred a whirlwind of emotions for Mia and her partner. However, they quickly embraced the joy and excitement of knowing that their baby was meant to be here, deepening their bond and anticipation for the journey ahead.

Mia shares her insights into homebirth, describing how she knew it was the right choice for her daughter's birth, and the turbulence of discovering her baby was breech. She discusses her decision to undergo an ECV to maintain her birth plans, along with the challenges and learning that came with it.

Show Notes:

Instagram: @mia_savage_designs

Mia's Website Here.

Father: @creatures_of_the_wild_unknown

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