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Ep. 122 - Finding Your Way As An Entrepreneur with Jamie Schmidt of Schmidt’s Naturals
Episode 12214th June 2018 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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Today’s guest Jaime Schmidt, Founder of Schmidt’s Naturals, is a straight up self-made baller. But building a business that changes lives doesn’t come easy, and Jaime gets really raw and open about the fact that she didn’t know what she was doing for the longest time. But after following her heart + intuition to Portland, Jaime found her calling.


Schmidt’s started with a simple mission, changing the way people think about deodorant, but things are blowing up and they are expanding their scope to changing the way people think about natural. Krista + Lindsey have been using Schmidt’s Naturals for a few months now, and they can vouch that this company is really setting the new gold standard for natural body care products.


Jaime is sweet, kind, and funny as hell – and this episode is an absolute blast! We chat about…


  • Growing up in 1-800-FUN-TOWN

  • How Jaime created a niche in natural body care

  • How the vegan lifestyle + restaurants are starting to blow up

  • Just not feeling right in your job… and then chasing your bliss!

  • Cooking up vegan hot dogs + other service industry jobs

  • When Jaime met her husband almost a decade ago

  • Where the entrepreneurial spirit comes from

  • What products + ingredients Schmidt’s uses

  • Why clean beauty is so important (and the potential health risks of common body care products)

  • Getting these products in as many people’s hands as possible

  • Alicia Silverstone being one of Schmidt’s early influencers

  • When a feature on Fox of all places overwhelmed their shipping system

  • Producing the products in Portland

  • Selling to Unilever

  • Literally going from farmer’s markets to CostCo, with no business plan!!

  • What Jaime has learned in her relationship

  • Jaime’s kid’s product development ideas + strong opinions on fragrances

  • Advice for female entrepreneurs in today’s business environment


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