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Episode 263: Edwin Kwan: APT Malware Disguised as Crypto miner Infects One Million Systems; Mark Miller: Surprise, Surprise! SolarWinds Lied. Imagine that.; Hillary Coover: The Paradox of Cybersecurity: Increasing Threats, Decreasing Budgets, and Talent Shortages.; Marcel Brown: This Day in Tech History
Episode 2631st November 2023 • It's 5:05! Daily cybersecurity and open source briefing • Contributors from Around the World
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The stories we’re covering today.

Marcel Brown: November 1st, 1963. The largest radio telescope ever constructed, the Arecibo Observatory opened in Puerto Rico. It would be used for many major discoveries including the first direct imaging of an asteroid.

Hillary Coover: The cybersecurity landscape is experiencing a paradoxical challenge as cyberattacks continue to rise while budgets decrease and companies implement layoffs. A recent survey reveals that nearly half of cybersecurity professionals have seen their teams face spending cuts and personnel reductions in the past year, intensifying the pressure on these teams.

Edwin Kwan: A malware that was initially thought to be a crypto miner has been discovered to be a sophisticated spy platform. The malware has infected over a million Windows and Linux systems.

Mark Miller: On Monday, the Security and Exchange Commission filed suit against SolarWinds and their CISO, Tim Brown, for fraud and internal controls failure. You remember the old Gomer Pyle episodes, right? "Surprise, surprise!" That's kind of what I feel like right now. SolarWinds lied. Imagine that.