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Jerome & Kevin Present - Cancelled Too Soon: Wonderfalls
24th March 2023 • The Reel World Podcast • The Reel World Podcast
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Wonderfalls was one of many victims of the FOX Network's impatience in the early 2000s, cancelled after just one season. Kevin, a fan of the show for many years, discusses with Jerome, a first time viewer, the disadvantages the show had going into it and how it went into survival mode after just one episode, as well as how it is very much a product of its time. 

A broad overview of what Jerome considers to be "the weirdest show they've watched to date" steers the conversation into thoughts on the show's concept, the main cast (including a reverse introduction to two actors previously talked about in other shows), its ties to the Whedonverse, alternate casting and future plans, and if another season was warranted. Somehow, The Simpsons and Star Trek are also briefly discussed.