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Unlock Innovation & Creativity in Your Company with The Magical Dude, Lee Kitchen
Episode 2621st March 2023 • Working the Wow! • Judd Shaw
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Creativity is a trait that is often associated strictly with subjects like art or music, something you’re born with. However, creativity is a skill that all aspects of business and innovation utilize and can be taught to every part of your team.

Creativity can be taught, but like a muscle it’s a skill that has to be exercised to grow. When your employees think creatively, you can expect your company to be ahead of the competition, for problems to have working solutions, and for employees to be bought into your brand. When your team’s creativity is stifled, innovation and morale suffer.

Some of the biggest lessons that today’s guest has learned while developing some of the strongest marketing campaigns and some of the most memorable visitor experiences at the ‘happiest place on Earth’ is the creativity of your team.

Listen to this episode of Working The Wow with Judd Shaw featuring Lee Kitchen, a.k.a. The “Magical Dude” five star innovation, catalyst, culture change agent, design thinker, trainer explains the process of training your team to think creatively, utilizing design thinking to lead you to innovation, and more!

In this episode: 

  • [00:47] Judd Shaw welcomes his guest, Lee Kitchen “The Magical Dude.’
  • [01:30] Lee elaborates on what makes a Creative and Innovation Catalyst 
  • [03:19] Lee’s favorite problem solving story at the Walt Disney Parks
  • [04:36] How do you train a team to think more creatively?
  • [10:10] Common bottlenecks to creativity and innovation that everyone should be aware of
  • [14:14] The process of how to measure creativity and innovation to track your success 
  • [23:59] Exercises you can do to help your team approach a problem with more creativity
  • [30:14] How to contact Lee and learn more about design thinking

🎙️ Meet Your Host 🎙️

Name: Judd B. Shaw

What he does: Judd founded Judd Shaw Injury Law (JSIL) and serves as the firm’s Brand Chief. He founded the firm on the premise that clients come first. Over the years, the success he attained for his clients helped JSIL grow significantly. Judd’s clients are not just another number to him or his law firm.

Company: Judd Shaw Injury Law

Words of wisdom: "At Judd Shaw Injury Law, it’s all about high-quality representation and excellence in client service. Our clients are counting on us to win and the stakes are high. Our endless pursuit for awesomeness through our core values, the ability to WOW our clients, is in our DNA."

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🎙️ Featured Guest 🎙️

Name: Lee Kitchen

Short Bio: Lee Kitchen is a 5-star Innovation Catalyst, Workshop Leader, Culture-Change Agent, Design Thinking Trainer and Seasoned Meeting Facilitator. During his 32 years at The Walt Disney Company, he helped create some of their most impactful marketing campaigns, memorable guest experiences, and real-time operational efficiency changes. Now he serves companies hungry for innovation, internal creativity and fresh thinking.


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