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The Importance of Leadership Roles for Women
Episode 415th July 2020 • Deal Us In • McGuireWoods
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Seeing women in business and leadership roles is the norm, demonstrating a significant societal shift over the last decade when it comes to females in the corporate world. Many women are pursuing careers in previously male-dominated professions, including highly-specialized and niche arenas, including forensic accounting in M&A transactions. While in the past women were a rarity in this field, more female voices are joining the table and establishing themselves in leadership positions.

In this episode of Deal Us In, McGuireWoods’ Kelsey Hitchcock is joined by Christen Morand, an Ernst & Young partner handling fraud investigation and dispute services practice. The discussion examines how the culture for women has evolved over the past ten years, particularly in complex industries such as M&A. Christen shares her experience as an accounting arbitrator, positions historically filled by men.

Christen goes on to discuss moving beyond a focus on gender and encouraging more diversity and inclusion in the workforce. It’s essential to create a sense of belonging, a hospitable environment where everyone feels like a valuable member of the team. The downstream effects can also be valuable for the business, as your clients know they can rely on a team that represents a variety of unique perspectives and backgrounds.

One primary strategy that Christen employs to promote the advancement of women and diverse people in the organization is to initiate individual or group conversations. During these conversations, she challenges her peers to examine their mindset and check their own biases. While these conversations are likely to be uncomfortable, they are necessary.

While an increase in women in business is a positive development, Christen accentuates the need for women to pursue top leadership roles in their companies, modeling that it is possible to go all the way to the top. To show to women and young girls that it is possible for them to be a CEO, chairperson, or entrepreneur, to be an inspiration for the next generation of women. And, never be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone and ask for opportunities and challenges to demonstrate your talents and abilities. 

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