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Music – What Should We Think About It?
31st August 2021 • Theology Throw Down • Andrew Rappaport
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Theology Throw Down episode 14 The Christian Podcast Community podcasters get together to talk about music; in the church and in our personal life. Some of the topics discussed are things like what types of music should be used in church? There are differences some say only the psalms should be sung in church, others sing hymns and some use more contemporary music. It can be used to affect our emotions. Sometimes the lyrics could be great but the way a song is sung could be inappropriate in a church worship service. The question in a worship service the only question that should be asked is, what does God want to hear? This question led to a discussion about is there music that is not appropriate for a church worship service. The key to the discussion is to ask what is the worship service for and the answer is to worship God. Therefore, what is sung in church must be directing people to worship God. The other area of discussion was in our personal life what music should we listen to? Can we listen to songs that is not necessarily Christian yet still be clean and wholesome? Some music can help with soothing and can help with healing or setting a better mode. Other music causes us tense up and gets agitated. Therefore, we do need to think through what we listen to and why? One of the questions asked of some Christians is can Christians listen to secular music? How much of what we listen to is nothing more than nostalgia to us because we grow up listening to that style? This podcast is a ministry of Striving for Eternity and all our resources Listen to other podcasts on the Christian Podcast Community Support Striving for Eternity Give us your feedback, email us




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