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Details Matter [THA 274]
Episode 2745th May 2022 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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The complete customer experience package starts with having paid attention to details. When was the last time your shop was painted? Is the parking lot striped? What kind of coffee and amenities do you serve? Does your bathroom have extra hooks on the door? I’m with a panel of shop owners that put that extra in extraordinary. You should get a bare minimum of 5 great ideas to implement.

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Chris Dekker, My Garage Auto and Tire, Airdrie, Ontario, Canada

Lorenzo Pellicciotta, President, CarStar, 2 locations Oakville, Ontario

Murray Voth, Business Coach, RPM Training. Listen to Murray’s previous episodes HERE

Key Talking Points
  • Shop cleanliness and how it reflects on our capability and quality of work. 
  • 5’s ing shop- sort, set in order, shine, sanitize and sustain
  • Why facility appearance is so important if you want newer vehicles in your database. "People will bring their older vehicle to a shop that services new cars, but they won't bring a new car to a shop that (in their mind) services old ones."
  • Remember that the client will never see 99% of our work, and pay attention to the 1% that they will. How do you put on the oil change sticker? 
  • Leak repairs and shampooing the engine the right way.
  • Two hooks on the back of the bathroom door, one so I can hang my coat/purse, and one so I can hang my bag is even more valuable.
  • Work with the ‘classic details’ Paint, parking lot, clean glass
  • Clear signage for employees, vendors, employees etc 
  • Profits are in the details
  • Think about your staff- lunchrooms matter
  • What is the smell of your shop? Are you desensitized to it?
  • “Clean cars run better” according to customers 
  • Change the wording of shop supplies to materials and consumables. “It’s not about taking, it’s about giving”

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