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Episode 18Bonus Episode7th February 2023 • Lead at the Top of Your Game • Karan Ferrell-Rhodes and Shockingly Different Leadership
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In this bonus episode, Karan reflects on Season 1 of the Lead at the Top of Your Game Podcast and shares what's in store for Season 2.

Be sure to listen for our teaser of one of the new bonus segments for 2023!


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Karan is an organizational strategist who is obsessed with up-leveling leadership capability and optimizing workforces to do their best work. After years of witnessing the dark-side, chaos and trauma caused by bad leadership within organizations, she ditched her comfy job as a corporate HR exec at Microsoft, to commission a research study to uncover the critical success factors of over 10K high-performing leaders.

From her data, Karan was able to pinpoint the top tactics which accelerated their rise to the pinnacle of success that few others achieve. Listen in as Karan gives us an insider’s look into how to best sharpen your leadership acumen, so you can become a stronger leader who advances your career or makes a greater impact by doing big things in your profession or industry.

Karan is also the founder of Shockingly Different Leadership, a global human capital professional services firm that helps corporations execute business-critical People, Learning & Culture initiatives. She has worked with executive teams at companies such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, British Petroleum, Meta, EY, Raymond James, Major League Baseball and the NFL.

Karan is also the author of Lead at the Top of Your Game, created the Leadership Tactics Diagnostic assessment and is a frequent contributor on leadership strategies with

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Voiceover :

Welcome to the "Lead at the Top of Your Game" podcast, where we equip you to more effectively lead your seat at any employer, business, or industry in which you choose to play. Each week, we help you sharpen your leadership acumen by cracking open the playbooks of dynamic leaders who are doing big things in their professional endeavors. And now, your host, leadership tactics, and organizational development expert, Karan Ferrell-Rhodes.


Karan Rhodes :

Hey there superstars, this is your host, Karan Ferrell Rhodes, and welcome to the second season of the Lead at the Top of Your Game Podcast, I hope that you have had a tremendous start to the new year thus far. And first off, I just want to say thank you so very much for taking a chance on us by being a loyal listener in by sharing our podcast with your friends. We had a wonderful launch of the podcast last year, and really learned a lot about this method of communication and information sharing. You know, both myself and my producers realize that while we weren't always perfect, we continuously got better over time, due to our commitment of being at least 1% better than we were yesterday. And with that mindset, we hope that you will continue to find value by tuning in each week. So are you ready to hear more fantastic guests share their unique perspectives on exemplary leadership in their profession or industry? Well, if so we have an impressive lineup for this year on thought leaders who will continue to add tips to our ever growing leadership playbook of best practices. And also we have some exciting bonus segments that we're going to feature throughout the year. And just as a teaser, I'll share one with you today. Since one of the best ways to learn is to analyze the mistakes or missteps of others, we will sporadically featyre hot stories in the news and chat about leadership execution gone wrong. The segment is going to be called #LeadershipFail, which will be an interesting mix of the salaciousness of true crime stories with a "world of work or workplace" spin. So stay tuned for those segments. And lastly, you know, some of our best guests and story ideas come from you our listeners. So if you discover a great story or person that you think we should feature, be sure to email us at  Or send me a message on LinkedIn or Twitter. That's where I hang out the most and I can get it to our producers. And if you think you'll be a great guest, don't feel shy about nominating yourself, we'd love to consider you. And just as an FYI, our season runs from February to mid December each year. This allows the staff time off with their families during the holiday season, as well as it gives us space for our own strategic planning. So that we can come up with really interesting ideas on how we can while you during the upcoming podcast season. So thanks again for allowing us to be a small part of your lives each week, and continue to lead at the top of your own game. Take care and see you next week.


And that's our show for today. Thank you for listening to the “Lead at the Top of Your Game” podcast where we help you lead your seats at any employer, business, or industry in which you choose to play. You can check out the show notes, additional episodes, bonus resources, and also submit guest recommendations on our website at You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn by searching for the name Karan Rhodes with Karan being spelled K-a-r-a-n. And if you liked the show, the greatest gift you can give would be to subscribe and leave a rating on your podcast platform of choice. This podcast has been a production of Shockingly Different Leadership, a global consultancy which helps organizations execute their people, talent development, and organizational effectiveness initiatives on an on-demand project or contract basis. Huge thanks to our production and editing team for a job well done. Bye for now!