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The Half Time Orange Podcast - Half Time Orange EPISODE 15, 16th November 2020
The power of diversity & communication
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The power of diversity & communication

Brenton is joined in this episode by Berthine Crèvecoeur West, a Conflict Resolution Strategist and Amazon #1 best-selling author, of Westbridge Solutions who focus on conflict resolution and diversity inclusion. She is also the host of The Global Fluency Podcast, which is a space that has been created to discuss all aspects of diversity, inclusion and cultural competence in business, education, government, the arts and healthcare.

Brenton and Berthine discuss the impact on inclusion and how our customers are affected by the actions we take, both internally and externally. 

CEO of Westbridge Solutions, an SHRM Recertification Provider who is dedicated to breaking the barriers of workplace conflict. WS help organizations understand that professional training and development is the cornerstone of conflict resolution and ultimately, workplace success. We know that when harnessed productively, conflict can be a force to build both company culture and competitive advantage.

Their Diversity and Inclusion, Cultural Competence, and Soft Skills workshops adopt globally-accepted methods that foster equity, define inclusive excellence, and achieve a workplace environment free of discrimination and harassment.

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