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Deeper Christian Podcast - NRJohnson (Nathan Johnson) EPISODE 156, 6th May 2020
Your Life is but a Vapor … so use it Wisely

Your Life is but a Vapor … so use it Wisely

Deeper Christian Podcast • Episode 156

Life is fleeting … it's like a mist or a vapor.

When we live as if life is forever, we can quickly grow passive, complacent, or frivolous in how we live. Yet when we recognize that life is short, we begin to live each day to its fullest—for the purpose and glory of Jesus Christ.

The biblical truth that life is short is actually good news for it reminds us to live surrendered to Jesus Christ, to not live for ourselves, and to find wisdom in numbering our days.

If this season has caused you to be stressed, worried, or filled with fear over the future, this episode will encourage you to live not for yourself but unto Christ Jesus.

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