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RE - Mark Asquith
Episode 817th December 2020 • REMarkable! • Steven Rick & Tim Elliott
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Not only is Mark Asquith a ‘pod god’  he has built a pretty amazing tech company, captivate podcast hosting (we know because we use it for this very podcast) and that’s where we start this conversation.

Mark is full of knowledge from business, start-ups, tech, the creative agency world, and of course podcasting  - heres a few snippets to make you listen.

  • Whatever your building, build it for yourself 
  • Anti dick-head policies 
  • Pick the people you want to work with and your message & position will repel the rest.
  • What you say no to is important aka ‘bad money’
  • Long & short-termism raises its head again
  • Patience is not something you're born with, you learn it
  • Why audio & conversation is such a powerful medium

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