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The Imperfect Journey of Leaning Into Your Fears with Cameron Douglas | Follow The Wolf Podcast Episode #.5
29th April 2021 • Follow The Wolf Podcast • Wolf Castillo
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What's going on fam!

As we move one step closer to releasing the first official podcast, I had the privilege to sit down with the producer of the Follow The Wolf Podcast, Cameron Douglas.

When I say that this being has a heart of gold, I don't mean in it the cheap and overused way it could be confused with. Cameron is one of the kindest, considerate and compassionate human beings I have met in my entire life.

When I told him about the possibility of this podcast being a thing over a year ago, he was instantly stoked and curious about how he could support, and when the opportunity to be an active part of the process arose he jumped all in.

Cameron cares deeply about the environment and being able to share the stories of others as a means to facilitate universal healing. With his passion for videography, Cameron is really out to make an impact through telling these stories through his art.

In this conversation, we discuss the importance of getting beyond our known and unknown fears, connecting to our hearts, and pursuing the things that truly light us up. 

Our intention is that conversation ignites something within you to start or take further action on the things that make you feel more YOU.

Peace be with you.




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