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Flow And Grow Expert Interviews - Tom Bailey EPISODE 23, 6th May 2021
How To Scale Your Sales Team To 8 Figures - With Jessica P Magoch
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How To Scale Your Sales Team To 8 Figures - With Jessica P Magoch

Tom Bailey, Founder Of Succeed Through Speaking, Interviews Jessica Magoch

Jessica Magoch is a Sales Advisor, Angel Investor and award-winning Jazz Artist. She advises innovative, B2B STEM companies on how to scale their sales team from 7 to 8 figures based on building a $100M sales team in 5 years.

Why you've got to check out Jessica's episode:

- Learn how Jessica help B2B STEM Start-Ups scale up and grow their business through enhancing and increasing their sales capability.

- Discover the biggest challenge that Female Founders typically face, especially the challenge of securing Venture Capital funding with female founders only getting 3% of all VC funding.

- Understand some of the implications of this lack of funding including slower speed to market, and the missing contribution of these businesses to the market and society.

- Learn the importance of founders understanding sales and what the market responds to before building and scaling a sales team. And the benefits of building a commission only salesforce.

- Get access to Jessica's sales script / blueprint from her website using the link provided below.

- Why we shouldn't undervalue ourselves and what impact this has on our ability to perform, overcompensating and how this can lead to burnout.

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