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Ben McClure - A Combined Vision for Excellence: EP 118
Episode 1188th April 2024 • The Big Ticket Life • Jeff Giagnocavo
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In this episode, Jeff chats with Ben McClure, co-owner of Gardner’s Mattress & More and co-host of the Lancaster Connects Podcast. With 24 years of experience in mattress retail, Ben shares insights into Gardner’s journey to becoming a cornerstone of success in the independent sleep shop industry nationwide and consistently earning the title of Lancaster’s Favorite Mattress Store locally. As an advocate for exceptional customer service, Ben discusses his focus on operations and expertise in marketing automation, emphasizing the significance of these strategies in delivering outstanding experiences to customers.

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Welcome to The Big Ticket Life podcast show - each week you’ll hear and see stories of leaders overcoming struggle and living as examples of courage in their leadership. 

You’ll learn about living examples of trauma turned into triumph, stories of healing and impact, and how you as a leader can create impact and legacy for your family, for those you lead, and the communities you serve.

It's our role as leaders to expand the space around us and bring others into space as living examples of courage to give others the strength to heal and create an impact on their own. 

The Big Ticket Life isn't just about business, although we have very smart business people here, it's about living a bigger life, one focused on the healing and impact you can create for those you lead.

Principles within The Big Ticket Life challenge leaders to lead with courage and work to solve the clash that exists between those they lead and the lives they live. Now is the time to focus on leveling up the humans you lead and the impact you can create in their lives

It’s time to lead with courage and be a living example of courage. Go to my site - right now and book a call with me to discuss how to integrate examples of courage into your leadership, how to approach your team with vulnerability, and most importantly so we can plan out how you’ll invest and level up the humans you lead for maximum healing and impact so you can be the leader your people need every day.

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