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Ep. 3: Hashtag Help to Hack the Algorithm
Episode 326th November 2020 • Cocktails & Content Creation • Cocktails & Content Creation
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Welcome to the third episode of the Cocktails & Content Creation Podcast! We are going to continue sharing easy ways to create content with confidence by speaking with a hashtag expert to help you hack the Instagram algorithm. Chelsea Marrs of @ChowDownUSA will share with us how she grew her social media following to over 25K. Spoiler Alert! Hashtags were a huge help and she’s going to tell us how to use them to stand out on the gram. 

In our third episode you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to use hashtags on your social media posts
  • How you can outsmart the algorithm with one simple trick
  • How to find your ideal hashtags to get your brand seen
  • How to use those hashtags responsibly 
  • Whether or not you should use all 30 hashtags
  • How mixing large, medium, and small hashtags can help you go viral
  • Whether or not you should use the same hashtags over and over again
  • Why likes are no longer cutting it with brands
  • How to calculate your engagement rate and why you may want to remove followers from your account - shocking, we know!

About our Guest:

Chelsea Marrs is a blogger and influencer at @ChowDownUSA and @TravelToMarrs. Originally from San Francisco, California, and a UCLA alum, she founded ChowDownUSA seven years ago and grew her following to over 25K! She recently left the corporate world and used her background in marketing to co-found the social media and influencer marketing company Royal Horizon Media, with the mission of making social media and influencer relations more accessible to all brands and businesses, while lifting up and supporting each other along the way! 

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Next time we’ll be chatting with Courtney Fanning of Big Picture Branding who will be sharing her method on batching over 40 blog post ideas by really knowing her target audience. Courtney is a brand strategist and copywriter for purpose-driven creatives who spent over a decade marketing and branding companies in publishing, higher-ed, nonprofit, and tech. Her expertise in brand messaging will help us understand how to craft content that is irresistible to our ideal audience! 

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Until next time, cheers to your next cocktail and happy content creating!

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