Ayahuasca, Epigenetics, Mental Health and the Healing of Trauma with Dr. Simon Ruffell - 32
Episode 3227th July 2021 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Live Free Laura D
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In collaboration with the Ayahuasca Foundation, Dr. Simon Ruffell and his team are conducting epigenetic research on the effects of ayahuasca and the healing of mental health disorders and trauma. In this episode, Dr. Simon Ruffle shares the remarkable research findings that were recently published in Frontiers of Psychiatry. Ayahuasca may impact the genetic expression of our DNA, relieve suffering from depression, and may be able to decrease the emotional charge around trauma by helping us rewrite our narratives around what happened and perceive our traumas in a less negative way. 

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Episode #32 features a song called Q'antataita by Puentes.

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