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Should You Jump on the Bandwagon for Facebook Podcasts and Other Network Opportunities
Episode 365th July 2021 • Podcast Monetization Secrets • Christy Haussler
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In today’s episode, I’ll share my wisdom on the viability of numerous opportunities that are thrust at podcasters from new networks, distribution platforms, and monetization services. Podcasting can feel like a solitary medium at times. It often is. Most podcasters are alone when they get behind the mic, or plug in and listen to someone else's content. You can do a lot on your own in podcasting. But, one thing you can't do is grow your show to its fullest potential.

When it comes to podcast networks, there’s a lot to unpack there. Joining one isn’t all roses and sunshine so I’ll explain exactly how they work and tell you some of the pros and cons of joining one. I’ll also dive into the factors to consider before joining a network and the benefits and drawbacks you should expect. Then there’s social media and the question of just how effective it is in growing a podcast audience. Tune in to this episode to tap into my wisdom on all those areas and I know it will launch towards your podcast growth and monetization goals.

Show Highlights

  • Is Facebook Podcasts going to be a game-changer? (02:32)
  • Why using free tools to manage your podcast may not the best way to go (05:08)
  • Knowing what to expect if you go with Facebook Podcasts and the various podcast networks (09:21)
  • How to navigate through the podcast network conundrum (12:14)
  • You can’t change your potential audience’s listening behavior (15:37)
  • What to look at before deciding where to put your show (19:26)
  • Understanding that networks may not be a monetization solution for you (22:35)
  • The potential nightmare you might find yourself in and how to avoid it (25:19)
  • Promo Swaps: The best way to grow your podcast listenership (28:54)

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