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268 Men's Health • Lisa Lapwing
Episode 2686th September 2022 • Qiological Podcast • Michael Max
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hinese medicine is a godsend for women's health. There are plenty of resources for us to tap into, and our medicine is great at addressing the challenges women face through their reproductive years and beyond. But what about the other half of the population? Well, not so much.

Men's health is often shrouded in invisible inequality. Some of it is cultural, men seek medical attention less frequently than women. Generally speaking, men aren’t as proactive in seeking to resolve health concerns, we pride ourselves on toughing through problems.

I would have thought that there would be more in our East Asian medicine toolkit for treating men’s reproductive or sexual issues, But if you look, you will not that much. It’s a bare storehouse compared to the treasure house of medicine and methods we have for women’s health.

In this conversation with Lisa Lapwing, we explore men’s health and see what Chinese medicine has to offer. We look at the taboos behind men's health, the emotional underpinnings of the issues, and how to hold comfortable conversations with patients for better outcomes. We also discuss the diagnosis and treatment of common problems, including prostatitis, BPH, and prostate cancer.

Listen into this discussion on common sexual/reproductive issues that trouble men and the need to address the gender gap in health outcomes.