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Overcoming Analysis Paralysis: How to Get Back to Basics and Achieve Your Goals
Episode 4613th April 2023 • Momma Has Goals • Kelsey Smith
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Sometimes it's easy to overthink things and get bogged down in the details. But trust me when I say that overcomplicating things only leads to analysis paralysis. That's why it's important to understand what success means to you and to focus on the foundational actions that will help you achieve it.

So when you're feeling overwhelmed, it's time to take a deep breath and go back to basics. Simplify your approach and focus on the small but powerful actions that will move you closer to your goals. You got this, Mama!

I know you might be wondering what the most basic foundational action is that you can take today to achieve success. And the truth is that it depends on you, it's all about taking consistent, intentional steps towards YOUR goals. Whether that means establishing a daily routine that supports your goals or taking action on the most important task that will move you closer to your desired outcome, the key is to take action and keep moving forward.

Today I'm diving into practical tips and strategies to help you simplify your approach, stay motivated, and overcome any obstacles that come your way. Because, let's face it, being a mom can make our big goals feel out of reach, but it's not impossible. Remember, you are strong, you are capable, and you are a powerful mom who can achieve anything she sets her mind to. Let's do this, Momma!

What you'll hear in this episode:

[1:55] Organizing my day and schedule

[3:00] Going back to basics 

[4:25] Overcomplicating things 

[5:30] Dinner example 

[7:10] Looking back to see if you can make things simpler


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Kelsey 0:00

We so often overcomplicate situations where we end up in this paralysis by analysis, and not taking action because we didn't just welcome to mama has goals, your weekly reminder that you shouldn't have to sacrifice your dreams to take on the role of mom. I'm Kelsey Smith, mom of two boys, wife, an entrepreneur who's passionate about helping other moms current and aspiring to reimagine mom life. I'm bringing you the resources, support and relatability to debunk that limiting belief that you may have about your ability to achieve your goals while raising a human. We're covering everything from mom guilt, marriage, relationships, careers, finances, mental health, physical health, you name it, your life doesn't have to fully shift once you become a man, you can have it all. And we'll show you how.

Kelsey 1:05

I'm super excited to chat with you this week, because I noticed that I really have just been in this theme of overcomplicating things. And I don't know if you can relate where you've just been in a situation and you're really creating more angst, anxiety, complications, layers to whatever you have going on. It might be even just like getting ready for a family activity. It might be a work deadline, getting something uncluttered in your house, whatever it is. And I really caught myself the other day was like, okay, Kelsey, you need to take this back to basics, like where did this go? Well, previously in the past? Where can you go back to how this has really shown up and worked well, and allow that to be the way that it's successful in succeeding, you don't always have to overcomplicate things. And specifically, where this was showing up for me is just like how I organize my day and my schedule. So I have a previous episode where I talk about really my weekly setup and what that looks like. But this is always evolving for me. And parts of it are really just the foundational pieces and the Back to Basics. And I think it's like anything, you can't skip over the foundation, you have to keep the foundation and if you want to build on top of that, then that's great. But you can't build on top of it and not have the foundation. So you can't just skip over that and expect it to work. And I noticed I was doing this with setting my week up for success. So for me, what that looks like is a brain dump of just all the things that are on my mind. And then prioritizing those to know where I should be focusing my energy and picking one to three things per day to focus on. And typically I try to pick one in each bucket or category of life. And you can listen back to the episode on like exactly what that looks like. I'll link it in the show notes. But really the Back to Basics is what I want to focus on today. Because I noticed that I would be focusing on all things need to get done that day. And trying to get done when I felt like it was a priority. We're really the Back to Basics for this was what is the brain dump? What is the priority? And am I doing that thing? First? Am I doing the most important thing first, like I know that that proves to be successful. I know that if I do the biggest priority item first if I go back to basics, and I look at where I've been previously successful, I know that having a priority and having that be my main energy focus. First thing in the day is where I see success. And this isn't rocket science. There's a lot of people to talk about this. But we so often overcomplicate things we so often are like wow, this has to be done or I have to do this or I have to do it this way. This has to happen first. And sometimes that can feel really true. But sometimes it's just not sometimes we are over complicating the situation. And we can just go back to basics. And when I started thinking about this, I think it just truly shows up in everything, whether it's a conversation of just like not overcomplicating how that that conversation will go down, allowing yourself to have it be a simple flowing conversation. It can be how you show up parenting. I was talking to someone the other day about some activities that I'm trying to do with my kids. And I noticed myself overcomplicating how we were going to do some of those things, whether it's going to the zoo, going to the library, going in taking a family vacation, going to the playground, go to the park, like I know the overwhelm and the anxiety of getting all the things together, especially for younger kids and the snacks and the bags and how you show up in these public places. That's all real. I'm not pretending but it's not. But we so often overcomplicate situations where we end up in this paralysis by analysis, and not taking action, because we didn't just go back to basics. So whether it's activities with your family, conversations with your older kids conversations with your friends, partner, whatever it is, how can you go back to basics? What is the foundation of success in whatever it is that is overwhelming you And complicating things? Let's use dinner as an example. Dinner can feel overwhelming sometimes. And you may be in different Facebook groups where you're seeing what people are feeding their kids. And you see these really elaborate plates that you either are like, Yep, I do that too. And that's amazing. Good for you. But there's also people that get really overwhelmed by that. And they're like, oh, my gosh, I'm not feeding my kids. Well, because I don't have this elaborate plate. That's just not factual. Right? We have to go back to basics, we have to go back to basics. What does it mean to actually feed my kids? What am I kids actually really need? What do I really need when it comes to self care for you, when it comes to how you show up for yourself? It might not look like the perfect, elaborate skincare routine, it might not look like the perfect you know, stylist styling your wardrobe, or how you're showing up for yourself in all these different ways as biohacking whether it's a special latte, there's so many different layers of how you can show up and there's no right or wrong answer. Like if you want something really fancy, then that's great. But this is when you're feeling overwhelmed. So you're not taking action because you're overcomplicating the situation, if you're crushing it with your multiple layers of your skincare routine, that's amazing. And that's probably really good for your skin. But if you're not even washing your face, because you're getting overwhelmed, go back to basics, grab a washcloth and some water, grab your hands and some water, go back to basics, and allow yourself to find success where you can. And if you aren't finding success in any area of your life, I don't believe that we're almost ever finding success in every area. So wherever you're not, wherever it feels stressful, when you look at your schedule for the week, when you look at last week, and you feel overwhelmed in any aspect. Is there a way to make it simpler? Is there a way to go back to basics? Is there any way that you've worked, this has worked for you previously? Is there any way that you can say I've seen success in this way before, I'm gonna try it again, because you have overcome a lot of things in life already. And you figured out how to get this bar. So there's probably an area of your life where you've seen some success, but you haven't stayed steady. And if you go back to basics, and you go back to simplicity, and you allow yourself to focus on the small levels of success, it's probably gonna feel a lot better. So I'm going to do that myself. And I'm going to start with how I prioritize my tasks for the day. But like I said, this overflows into every aspect. So the next time responding to a text message, having a conversation, taking care of yourself, preparing a meal, grocery shopping, a work task, an activity out with your family or your kids, any of it feels overwhelming, say okay, what is the most basic way this could be successful? What is the most basic foundational action that I could take today to have success here. And with that, I'll see you next week. I love you so much. Have a great day for keeping today's short and simple. Back to basic. There's so much more where this came from. 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