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What I Wish Someone Had Told Me - Part 3: There's No Reason You Should Be in Despair
Episode 4325th January 2021 • Empower Tusc • Get Level Podcast Network
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Welcome to Part 3 of our series, "What I Wish Someone Had Told Me." On this episode, Jodi Salvo has a ground-breaking conversation with Abriel Melchor. Abriel is a recovering drug addict who now coaches others as a Peer Recovery Supporter for OhioGuidestone.

Abriel's story explains how addiction can begin as easily as any family hobby. She recalls her introduction to drug use at 9 years old as it was a common household activity to drink beer and smoke marijuana, no matter the age. Then, she explains how the passing of her brother led her addiction to spiral as she sought any and all means to numb the pain of her grief.

For Abriel, her drug use became all about finding ways to not feel anything. As she got older, she continued to suppress the pain and trauma of her early years with drugs. She was so set in her ways that she firmly believes there is nothing anyone could've told her that would have changed her behavior.

But as the conversation progresses, key realizations emerge, and some essential themes develop; You must confront the underlying reasons for your addiction; Addiction is a disease; You need to learn your "why"; and most importantly, there's no reason anyone should be alone and in despair. This community is filled with people who are ready and willing to help you regain your life.

Visit for all your information about the Coalition and different types of drug use and prevention.

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