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11 Year Anniversary + 1 Year Anniversary of Podcast
Episode 556th March 2024 • The Diamond Life Mentor • Balazs W Kardos
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Many people romanticize success.

You see stories of dream lifestyles, sales figures, homes, cars, traveling the world, etc. It can be inspiring, but there is also the dark side of discouragement. 

And it is where the "It Doesn't Matter How" mindset becomes crucial - an approach that isn't about dismissing the achievements of others but about shifting your focus from the "how" of success (the specific numbers, strategies, or timelines) to the "what": consistent, focused action.

That is because these successful people reach their goals through hard work, and believing you can do that is more important than thinking it is impossible to achieve those numbers. 

Imagine that happening after eleven years as Balazs W Kardos celebrates his double anniversary in Enagic and The Diamond Life Mentor podcast!

From starting with 80 sales in the first year, he increased it to 46,000 in five years, joined the ranks, bought his dream home, and crossed the exponential growth curve because of the sequence of leadership, sales team, and overall collective effort that he established. In February 2024, he made 270,785 high-ticket product sales in the Global Prosperity Movement, 1,446 people in his community ranked 6A, 78k unique listeners, and 128k podcast downloads. 

His secret was to focus on the data and not how long it took him. That is why his vision finally happened and continued to grow because everybody was duplicating - he did not celebrate success alone because he helped more people create expansion. And that is what makes the Diamond Life happen. 

"There is no ceiling on your potential. The growth never stops. So even though we always think like when we’re here, we’re done, no. You're there, but you get to go to the next part of the journey." - Balazs W Kardos

Tune into this episode to focus on taking action, learning from mistakes, and not letting the gap between you and those success stories hold you back.

Key Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:

  • Why does your income grow with skill development?
  • Why should you focus on data and not time?
  • What makes a great leader when celebrating success?
  • How can you set measurable goals?
  • Why should you invest your time and energy in personal growth?

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