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Error proof age verification in less than a second
Episode 189th May 2023 • There's A Device For That • Esper
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Ron Tobb is the Founder of Minor Decliner (, a cutting-edge ID scanning system. He joins the show to share how their easy-to-use scanners help retailers prevent underage sales and avoid fines by verifying a customer's age in seconds. He reveals the strategies he’s used to make Minor Decliner a success including a focus on integrating technology that delivers direct customer value and quality customer service. He also shares how their partnership with Esper has taken their device operations to the next level with features like an intuitive console, secure kiosk mode, and automated device provisioning.

  • 0:45 - Why and how Minor Decliner came about
  • 7:00 - How Minor Decliner scanners work
  • 11:35 - How Minor Decliner reduces risk for retailers
  • 12:55 - Applications for Minor Decliner scanners
  • 14:10 - Why Minor Decliner chose Esper to manage their devices
  • 17:10 - The future of Minor Decliner

There’s A Device For That is hosted by Sudhir Reddy, SVP of Engineering, of Esper. For more about Esper, visit us.

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