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Ep. 4 - 4 Tips to Build a Lead Magnet When You Have No Idea What To Do
Episode 414th July 2022 • The Solopreneur's Genius Library • Danielle Dill
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This week’s episode is all about four tips to build a lead magnet when you have no idea what to do. So we all hear, you know… the expression, the money's in the list and build your email list. And, you know you don't own the social media platforms, but you own your email list. But sometimes putting it into practice and actually doing that is one of the hardest things.

And on top of that, one of the other hardest things is actually building out your email list, figuring out that lead magnet, figuring out what to do. And it makes it so darn hard sometimes because sometimes we get so in our head and so wrapped up in trying to fix too big of a problem, that it ends up ruining the lead magnet. It ends up making things harder. It ends up not really resonating with our audience. 

So these are my four tips to help you make a lead magnet when you've got no idea what to do, you can't figure out what to make, you're struggling, you're torn, or you feel like nothing will work. 

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