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How To Clean Your Email List – List Hygiene With Steve Wagner
Episode 361st July 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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How clean is your email list?

No, we’re not talking about how often your clean your laptop screen! We mean, do you know how many people on your email list are potential threats to your email reputation?

And do you know how to identify them?

This episode we’re chatting to Steve Wagner of Webbula to find out the best and most effective ways of checking out your email hygiene and how to find any fraud and reputation threats on your list, then kick their butts!

Episode Content

  • (1:45) Funny fact with Steve Wagner
  • (3:00) Who is really behind that keyboard?
  • (4:10) Are you a quality subscriber or actually a threat?
  • (5:21) The first (and most important) step to catch out the bad guys.
  • (6:15) Is double opt-in enough?
  • (8:10) Some super simple steps and tools to give your list a good old scrub.
  • (10:12) How disengaged are you? Let’s find out! 
  • (12:00) The different levels of problem subscribers…
  • (17:03) Size really doesn’t matter!
  • (19:02) Subject line of the week with Steve Wagner

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