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The Perfect Storm (Part 2): Misplaced Truths and Wrong-Way Energy
Episode 322nd October 2020 • Misplaced Life • Ginger Ramsey
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This episode flashes back to a Zoom conversation we had on May 6th, 2020 - almost two months after California's COVID shutdown, and a few days after the video of the tragic death of Ahmaud Arbery leaked online. Donzell speaks to many of the issues and the ideology behind the Black Lives Matter movement, many of which only became more widespread after the death of George Floyd 3 weeks later. The concepts of Anti-racism, White Privilege, Allyship and others were not so "mainstream" at the time we recorded this. In the midst of my expression of sadness and disgust with the death of Ahmaud, Donzell educates me about the movement and the "not-so-mainstream (translation: edited)" history behind it. It only scratches the surface, but it exemplifies the need for REAL change...and it was a very necessary education. I love him for it and I am grateful. I'm definitely "getting more comfortable with being uncomfortable," because quite simply, it just isn't right. There have been so many wrongs it seems overwhelming to make them all right, but we MUST do everything we can to try.

Even though several months have passed since we first spoke about this, the unfortunate thing is that not much has changed. In fact, it has only gotten worse. As we write this today, 60,000 people in America are being diagnosed with Covid-19, and 1,000 of those people are dying EVERY DAY. There have been more tragic police shootings of black Americans and other unnecessary deaths across the U.S. This country is so broken right now, and it is so divided it's shameful.

We also chat about the original "Karen," and how ridiculous she and the other "Karens" of the world are for fighting over their "right" to NOT wear a mask. While it's not even a "right" that is being infringed upon, there are many people in this country who don't even HAVE certain rights. It's unbelievable how the "mask" has become such a symbol of "rights," and how a pandemic has become a political issue.

If we could just focus all that "Karen energy" in the right direction, maybe....just maybe......we will have a shot at closing the gap that so much hatred has created. Sadly, much of that has been in the name of "religion." Last time we checked, "Love thy neighbor as thyself" didn't come with any "disclaimers" of race.

We CAN take this "wrong way" path we are on and get it back in the right direction. Please get informed with an open heart and an open mind. And please, please PLEASE VOTE!

Peace and Love,

Ginger & Donzell

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