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The One Where We Discuss Common SEO Mistakes Made By SMEs With Andy Allen
Episode 6029th March 2020 • The SEO SAS Podcast • Sarah McDowell & Hannah Bryce
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his week Sarah chats with Andy Allen, cofounder of Hike SEO (a personalised step-by-step SEO instruction platform), about common SEO mistakes made by SMEs.

They discuss mistakes made when picking keywords, not having dedicated pages for important products/services, cannibalisation, keyword research mistakes, not tying in the customer journey, issues with content/blogs etc.

Also touching on whether SMEs can realistically compete in competitive markets and SEO myths that are often believed to be true.

Seeing as Andy's tool is called Hike SEO, the feature this week is linked to mountains, as you hike mountains. Smart right?

See if you can beat Andy...


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