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Reinventing my Life Through Tattooing with Veronica Anile
1st August 2021 • Reinventing the Tattoo Podcast • Guy Aitchison
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Be inspired by my reinventing story.

I was homeless and addicted to crystal meth. I have been clean for 10 years now by the Grace of God. I did it on my own -cold turkey-

I grew up in extreme poverty in Mexico raised by my Grandmother. I was kidnapped by my mother at the age of 5. She smuggled me into America to a life of sexual abuse. I ran away from home at the age of 15 years old and was forced to drop out.

I am the oldest of 56 grandchildren and 52 great grandkids on my mom's side alone.

In my 20s I was transferred to California to open an office in LA. I've owned restaurant & bars. I even worked along side Long Beach's Mayor as her legislative assistant. Only to hit rock bottom, alone and homeless with out a penny to my name.

I am currently writing my book because I love my life and honor my story thus far.

I want others to see that you can overcome abandonment, extreme poverty, sexual abuse, physical and emotional abuse, drug abuse, eating disorders, mental disorders, illnesses, sexist and racist prejudices and still make it to the top. Like I did!

I have had ovarian surgery, a hysterectomy, a lumpectomy, survived a mold on my face that threated my life with 85% mortality rate, I have celiac disease, and Meniere’s disease that crippled my hearing

BUT consider myself the most beautiful woman alive!

6 years ago, I opened the first PERMANENT COSMETICS & MEDICAL TATTOOING studio in Long Beach Califronia and I couldn't be more proud.

I love my clients and students and I am a forever grateful business owner.

In 2020 I joined my beautiful partner's (Ivana Tattoo Art) luxury lifestyle brand: ITA LA

Since 2018, we've traveled all over the world teaching, inspiring, and removing stigmas and barriers that still plague the tattoo insdutry.

Together we are on a mission to reinvent the world of tattooing with our survival story and with "justlove"