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FORMULA INDIE 06.06.2020
6th June 2020 • Formula Indie • European Indie Music Network
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David Raynolds - Nuclear 

Osea Codega – Wind o Night

Ace Diamond – Get your boogie woogie working

Blu Fish – Up Down

Charlie Pass-Berlin Tourist Remix

Giulia — The Italian Pianogirl – Shallow (Piano Version)

Destiny Malibu – Sweet Persuasion

DuShane Band – When I Walk Out

Gino McKoy feat. Diamond – Sensy Girl 

DevilsOfMusic - Turn Up

LILITH – Revealed

Jim Lord – Helplessly I Fell

Stephen Wrench – Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll

Greye – Lucky

Allocai – Feelings

Ahri Arianna Vitale – E poi arrivi tu

Car3939 – La Ripalta

Boskovic – Remember

Steve Markoff, Patricia Lazzara – Liama

Emilya ndMe – Snow

Justin Faye – Bree Tree

Øksendal – Candid Eyes

Roberto Pezzini – Manca

Kevin Hockaday – Big Mouth Small Brain 

Inkfraktare - Husk

Donna Zed – Morphine

Savannah – We Are Us

Matt Westin – Hey Bro

Walker’s Cay – Tell Me

Andy Camp – Facebook Lover