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How to Create and Repurpose a Season of Content: 6 Top Tips
Episode 20714th October 2021 • The Content 10x Podcast • Amy Woods
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Should you commit to ongoing weekly content or create a season? For some people, a season is the perfect answer.

But when you’ve created and published a brilliant season of content – now what?

You either leave it out there and hope it’ll return some results, or you can use a repurposing strategy to maximize its chances of getting more viewers/listeners while you’re off-air.

In this episode, I share my six-step process to help your content season keep performing in-between seasons. Each step is a top piece of repurposing advice that you can apply to almost any form of pre-existing content – so even if you don’t create content in seasons, this episode will inspire you to do more with what you’ve already got.

Find out about:

  • The pros and cons of creating content in seasons
  • Examples of businesses that create seasons of content vs. ongoing content
  • Six steps to repurpose your content season and keep it generating results

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