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22. Get My Pie Party Playbook - How To Host The Best Thanksgiving Event Ever!
Episode 2225th September 2023 • High Performance Real Estate Agent Podcast with Tina Beliveau • Tina Beliveau
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If you’re looking to level up your event hosting skills - or host your first client event ever - this is the episode for you!

I started hosting pie giveaways every Thanksgiving for my clients a long time ago, and over the years I have refined a fantastically effective system for throwing pie parties that are fun and extremely popular!

In this podcast I will teach you the 5 delicious “ingredients” to create your most successful pie 🥧 party ever (see what I did there?) - including:

  1. Making it personal - this is ALL about relationships, after all!
  2. Making it convenient - if you want people to actually show up, this is essential.
  3. Making it enticing - that pie better be GOOD!!
  4. Snagging their attention - in this world of 8,500 unread emails and spam filters, making sure people actually receive your invite (without you spending a ton of time or money on that process) is crucial to get your people there.
  5. Creating an experience that brings them back year after year - when your events are fun and flawless, they make a lasting impression on your clients and supporters. This sets a foundation for an annual event that your clients look forward to and organically grows each year!

I’d love to know if you decide to host an event and use anything I’ve taught you in this episode - shoot me a DM or join my free FB group for agents, Relationship Driven Real Estate (link)! And if you want personalized mentoring from me on all things events, including copies of my event planning checklists, ideas, and templates, join my High Performance Agent Academy waitlist (link) because I will teach you everything I know and give you all the playbooks to copy and use right away!


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