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Loving the Christ-life! - WRLitzman Grace Media, Inc. EPISODE 10, 9th May 2020
Following Paul, Part 4

Following Paul, Part 4

Following Paul Together

By Tammy Lacock

“Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an example” (Phil. 3:17, KJV)

Paul emphasizes in 11 verses in his epistles to be followers of him, as he is also a follower of Christ. In the above verse, he adds the word “together” urging fellow believers to get together in lifting Christ up, the Christ that now lives IN us. He urges us to come together to spread this revelation, which was directly given to him, and only him, by Christ Himself. It is this message that has been missed by so many believers since the birth of Christianity, and yet our new life IN Christ has been revealed to us by Paul in over 146 verses in his epistles and also John’s writings (which came after Paul).

Under the jurisdiction of Christ, Paul started true Christianity, revealing to us that Christianity means only one thing: Christ is IN the believer, being joined to our Lord, we are but one spirit. And he goes on to teach us how we are to live with Christ in us as our new life. 

Let us come together, be followers of Paul, and spread this Final Gospel to all the world!!