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Should You Use a Free or Paid Podcast Host?
Episode 312th December 2022 • One Minute Podcast Tips • Danny Brown
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It's one of the more popular questions when first getting started - should you use a free or paid podcast host? Both have their reasons, and it's not as simple as "well, free is free", as I share in this episode.

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You're listening to One Minute Podcast Tips. I'm your host, Danny Brown, and each episode helps you be a better podcaster. Find all the latest episodes at or free wherever you get podcasts. And now this week's episode.


When it comes to podcast hosting, there are two options: free or paid. Yes, you can self-host on your own website, but that's a bit more technical and a different conversation for a different time. So should you choose free or paid? Well, to be honest, that's the wrong question. It's not about should you use a free host or a paid podcast host. It's what the host offers based on what you need for your podcast.


While free is always attractive, and there's nothing wrong with free podcast hosts, paid hosts usually are paid for a reason: better customer service, more features, more support, a more involved team, which, as you grow with your podcast, you're going to find you need more of. Not to mention free is attractive when you start because you don't know if podcasting is going to be for you, and you don't want to outlay loads of money upfront and then find out podcasting isn't for you, which is where free becomes attractive.


But then you have paid podcast hosts like Captivate, who give you all the tools you need for one single price. Now, I'm biased - I work at Captivate, but I was a happy customer of Captivate before that and I can attest they really do have podcasters' interests at heart. So again, it doesn't come down to if it's free or paid. Make a list of the features you want from a podcast host and then see which meets your needs best. Until next time, happy podcasting.


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