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Language Research in Nepal with the Folks from the Big & White Podcast
Episode 379th February 2021 • Geopats Language • Stephanie Fuccio
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If you've ever wondered what it's like to live and do linguistic research in Kathmandu, Nepal, this episode is for you!

Big & White, their podcasting nicknames, are two American Linguists who, until very recently were living in Nepal and creating a rather hilarious audio account of their daily lives on their podcast (the Big & White podcast). Their connection and how they bounce off each other is so much fun to listen to. This is the main reason I became a fan of The Big & White Podcast in the first place and definitely why I asked to interview them for the show.

This episode is a part of a podcast pair. How apt. Most of the podcasting chat is over on Geopats Podcasting and the language chat has been carefully curated to fit into this shorter episode. 

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