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Life Through a Dram - Danny Brown EPISODE 20, 23rd March 2019
Talking With My Wife About My Depression

Talking With My Wife About My Depression

In episode 20 of Life Through a Dram, I sit down with my wife, Jaclyn, to talk about my recent diagnosis with depression, how that's changed me, what I'm doing to cope with it, and more.

Topics on the menu include:

  • The symptoms I was experiencing in the lead-up to the diagnosis
  • What made me seek help, as opposed to continuing to deal with it alone
  • How my life has changed since that first diagnosis
  • Are the therapy sessions and medications I'm on a quick fix?
  • What advice I'd give for anyone suffering the same symptoms

Settle back for an open and honest conversation between my wife and I as we talk about something that still isn't discussed as much as it should be.

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