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Josh Clemente, Founder of Levels
Episode 151st February 2021 • Startups for Good • Miles Lasater
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Josh Clemente, Founder of Levels, is a mechanical engineer and CrossFit-L2 trainer. At SpaceX, he led a team to develop life support systems that sustained astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley on their May 2020 trip to the International Space Station aboard Dragon Endeavor: the first new crew-carrying spacecraft since 1980. Josh has also spent time designing and building Hyperloop technology and leading engineering for a company providing vehicle-based rescue systems for emergency response teams. Josh enjoys the outdoors, functional fitness training, technology, coffee, and restoring motorcycles.

Josh joins me today to discuss not only his founder’s story but his background at SpaceX and Hyperloop. He tells us about some of the things he learned there and what information he brought to his new company and some areas that he wanted to develop. He shares with us the technology and story behind his company Levels and the use of continuous glucose monitors. Josh tells us about some of the challenges and how he communicated the mission of the company during his round of fundraising.

“By using not just hardware, but then advanced software, machine learning algorithms and insights frameworks that can help people orient themselves and then make better choices in a very short period of time.” - Josh Clemente

Today on Startups for Good we cover:

  • How individuals can use continuous glucose monitors to learn more about their food choices.
  • How to get your product to reach the masses
  • The challenges to creating new technology
  • The challenges of transparency prior to and during fundraising
  • Working in public
  • Demonstrating progress during fundraising
  • How to pick a co-founding team

Connect with Josh on Twitter and LinkedIn or Instagram. Check out the Levels website

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