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Episode #11: Interview with "Steven Mccoy" the first Deaf Blind Black Journalist in the World
Episode 1130th July 2023 • The Wonder Tooth Podcast • Dr. Radwa Saad DMD
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In this episode of the" Wonder Tooth Podcast", we are proud to interview " Steven McCoy" the First Black Deaf Blind Journalist in the world. He also has a very successful show "Sessions with Steven".

  • What is the impact of your smile on your career as a Journalist?
  • Dental Anxiety as a child and how he overcame it?
  • Some behind the scenes stories about his work as a Journalist while interviewing with A-List Celebrities
  • Funny stories about his interactions with celebrities.
  • What is "Usher Syndrome"?
  • How can you find out about "Usher Syndrome " and which genetic testing to do?
  • Why is it so important to keep a good oral hygiene.

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