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January was A Big Month In Print. All the major issues, trends and developments are analysed in the print industry's podcast
Episode 475th February 2024 • The Print Files • Yaffa Media
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In the latest episode of print's podcast "It's Been A Big Month in Print," industry insiders Wayne Robinson and Lindy Hughson analyse, assess, and interpret the major news, trends, issues and developments from January.

We start off by reviewing the changes in leadership seen at top tier print operations Pegasus and Southern Impact, and explore their current state and ambitions as they seek to build on the platform their former leaders have left them with. We also discuss Screen’s 20,000 CTP installation milestone and the impact CTP has had on the industry. The discussion then moves to unpacking the factors behind Starleaton and All Flags going into voluntary administration, and asks why, when the wide format sector continues to flourish.

This month we also review QLM’s opening of its new $22m Vietnam plant, and assess whether the success of the very few ANZ print operations that have had overseas ambitions for growth beyond our own borders can be replicated. We also mourn the loss of Tom Lusch of Platypus Print Packaging, and paper identity Gordon Anthonisz, and look at their legacies.


Atkinson New CEO at Pegasus

Screen Hits 20,000 CTP Installations

Starleaton Under Administration

All Flags Back From Brink

Fespa Global Will Have 500 Exhibitors

QLM Opens New $22M Vietnam Plant

Industry Leader Tom Lusch Passes Away

Paper Identity Anthonisz Passes Away 


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